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Photo Gallery | Newsletter | Promotions | Feedback | Contact Us

Photo Gallery | Newsletter | Promotions | Feedback | Contact Us


Spring 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Come gather Knights and Knaves, Nobles and Lords, Ladies and layment, as we once again gather for feasting and frolic. Wild Knights of the Round Table is pleased to announce that registration is now open! Visit the web page and sign in, then register online for the event. Join us as we celebrate our fifth year in Robbers Cave State Park, the last weekend of April, the 25th to the 29th.

This year the theme is anything fantasy or medieval. Planned events include an exhibition of medieval combat (SCA-style fighting -- if you are an authorized SCA fighter and attending, bring your armor and contact Heros at, a boffer weapons tournament open to anyone. We will be performing for your pleasure the furry fandom premiere of Jeff Goode's radio play, "Fursona Non Grata".

This year, we have five Guests of Honor. FireFeathers's artwork has graced many of the fliers for the event, as well as our website. She is our featured fandom artist. Husky in Denial will be performing throughout the event with several concerts. Buddy is our Court Jester, and will be keeping us all laughing -- or if he does not, off with his head!

This year, Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey will be returning to the event! Larry is a well-known artist even outside the fandom, and has done many book covers, and even helped work on the Lord of the Rings movies. Mercedes is a popular fantasy author with over 70 books in print. They will be running several panels and question-and-answer sessions. It will be a great chance to get to know a couple of professionals in the field.

For those who have never attended, we offer more than any other event out there. Basic registration ($40 for pre-registration) includes at least 6-8 meals prepared by our head chef, Heros. Lodging is included in one of the onsite bunk cabins, or you can pitch a tent for no additional charge. Spaces in the onsite cabins are limited, and preference is given to those who have pre-registered. The cost at the door goes up to $55.

This year, we will have three workshops. The leathercrafting workshop makes its return, along with a workshop on knitting. We are also planning a chainmail workshop -- so if you have or know someone who has experience with this craft, please contact ASAP -- we can use extra help from those who can teach and assist others!

New panels this year include a beer brewing class hosted by Ipequey. Grey Hare is working on bringing out his 8" Meade LX-80 telescope to explore the skies away from the lights of the city. The campfire will be burning throughout the event, and the offsite firing range event is also returning. Bring those muskets (subject to the rules posted on the site, of course). There is also the annual hike up to Robbers Cave as a group -- a beautiful view of Nature's splendor. The Furry Drama show features live acts and new videos for your entertainment!

Our charity once again is Safari's Sanctuary and if you have items to donate for the charity auction please bring them! Once again we are running this as a Furry Swap Meet. If you bring an item, you get a credit of half of what it sells for as a credit that you can use to bid on other items. A great chance to clean out those closets!

Please check us out at and as always please share this newsletter with your local mailing list, or post it on Facebook, Livejournal, Twitter, Fur Affinity, or however else you commuicate with the furry world.

You can follow us now on FA at!

March 2012

The best Camping con in the US is coming down to the last days before registration ends on April 14th. Our schedule is up and posted for your review, So check it out. New additions for this year are Bucktown Tiger is returning and this year he is performing for you along with his regular Charity Poker event benefiting Safaris Sanctuary in Broken Arrow, OK. If you have any donations for the charity poker event or the auction remember to start gathering them now. At Wild Nights the auction you can get a share of what you donate and it allows you to bid on other items that you want all while helping rescued animals.

There is another new performer showing up at Wild Nights this year. Husky in Denial. Husky has performed at RCFM and also at MFM and has been a hit there so look forward to hearing him on 2 night including Sunday late to keep you there at the con a bit longer. We are talking to the park and it looks like we will be extending Wild Nights through to a Tuesday check out so one more night of Wildness and more break down time.

Are you considering going to the best furry camping con in the US? If so we need you to register as soon as you can. As we use your funds to pre purchase all the food and materials that you need for the long weekend. Wild Nights will offer 6 to 8 meals through-out the convention. These are prepared meals made right there at the con in our own kitchen and with so many meals provided for you there is no need to leave the con and have to go out and pay to eat. So at $40 for just a basic membership this makes Wild Nights the best deal for a con in the USA! We also provide lodging for you also. Just bring your bed roll and join one of the cabins with your Furiends. If you want you can bring your own tent and not even be charged extra for setting one up! Food, Lodging and more entertainment then even the largest Hotel con! Also No charge for parking and never a line for the elevator.

Furry is Magic! We are making the magic happen again at Wild Nights with Rhubarb the Bear returning with his newest Musical play premiering for the first time in the fandom. Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer. If you enjoyed his other musical Julie Bunny Must Die then you are sure to enjoy this one. He will also be offering up several music sessions through-out the weekend.

We also have Sonicblu performing his puppetry with Oh Pawpets which he hosts in Columbus, Oh weekly. He will also be hosting his full length showing of the horror parody movies of Saw with Paw 1 and a later showing of Paw II. Sonic has a lot of experience with video production which he will be sharing in several panels.

Wild Wolf who is a Costume technician at Universal Studios Fl. repairs and creates unique costume for the park. He will be sharing those skills at Wild Nights also along his Mascot performing abilities. He is also a DJ in the fandom having performed at several East Coast furs con so listen for his unique sounds at the nightly dances we host.

For the artists of the fandom Luthien is our 4th GoH who will be sharing her artwork with Wild Nights and her skills too. You can see her during the con for her assist with your artist teaching, In addition to that Wolfaya and Merage have stepped up to run the artist track. All sorts of different artist related events are being planned so look forward to those.

Our yearly Marksmanship event is again being planned for those with skills with firearms. After a safety course we head over to a local firing range which your skills are tested while under the guidance of trained personnel.

Lastly if you did not know Oki Coyote retired his old suit and now is having it re-furred by last year's GoH Eris Valgen and will be offering it for auction at Wild Nights. The proceeds will go to benefit the attendees of Wild Nights. So here is a chance to get a suit and help benefit your fellow attendees.

If you want to learn more about Wild Nights keep in touch with us on Facebook, FA and of course the Forums of Wild Nights.

Zombie free for almost nearly a year now.

February 2012

We once again say greetings to our campers and future attendees of Wild Nights. It has come to our attention of some serious rumors of our camping gathering. We are sending this reply in hopes of dispelling those rumors as quickly as possible. It has been said that the camp, Camp Site number two in Robber's Cave State Park of Wilburton, OK is over-run with some sort of mindless creatures that preys upon hapless victims. That also the Wild Nights Staff is aware of this situation and that we would rather cover this up with some sort of topical idea just to lure in new attendees rather than face the dire situation that is reported to be present.

The important thing is we all stay calm. Let us take care of the essentials like the conbook. We need your submissions, these can be artwork, stories or perhaps something new the fandom has not yet seen. That is is the contact address and you are looking to speak with Warndog as he puts this fine piece of propaganda together.

Would you like to chip in help us put on the finest in Furry Camping cons? Perhaps help in the kitchen? We have lots of potatos to peel, tons of dishes after each meal to wash, firewood to be cut, events that need assistance to help pull off, all sorts of items to load or unload, tents to set up and take down, innocent attendees to protect from creatures outside the camp if you think you can assist, contact Tamara and step forward

We will be posting our schedule soon. If there is an event you would like to host or something you would like to see in our activity lined up schedule shoot Event Director Draconis, well not shoot him but send him an email We have a lot of big events in the works. A Leather working event in which you can make items hosted by Polly Puma, Bead workshop, with Khemet, and something new this year a Sushi workshop with certified sushi chef Lady Kia Vixen and her talented assistant Keeganwolf.

We have lots to do, for those of Missouri you might be familiar with Rhubarb the Bear of Springfield. He is a musical writer and performer. Last year he brought to the Wild Nights Stage, for the first time, in the fandom a musical play, Julie Bunny Must Die which was a big standing ovation hit. He is returning this year with a new play Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer. You can look forward to that and also his other musical appearances. He will also be Musical Guest for Furry Fiesta which is coming up soon. So check him out there. Rhubarb is just one of our four Honored guests, we will be telling about the others in future newsletters.

Wild Nights prides itself as one of the most active cons for things to do. We host a marksmanship event where you can shoot various firearms under a firing range certified instructor, Imperial Lion. We also host a yearly hike up to the top of Robber Cave, it is not quite a mountain but is a good struggle none the less.

One of the biggest costs of any con is the hotel and food. We cover that with your preregistration. We have shared cabins, just bring your bedroll! If you want you can bring your own tent for that real outdoor experience at no extra cost to you for setting up your tent . We also host 6 to 8 meals including assorted beverages to boot. These are cooked right in our kitchen and are always a great experience. Because of this, this makes Wild Nights the best deal over all for what you are paying admission for.

After dark join us around the campfire for that late night fun to unwind or if you want we feature 3 nights of dances to keep you hopping. Wild Wolf will be hosting a fursuit friendly dance on Friday with Pysfur later that night to really get it going. Saturday and Sunday look for a mix of Heros, Pysfur and others who will step up. If you are interested let us know by registering on our forum

We can make all this happen with your registration but we need you register soon as we use your funds to purchase food and equipment to last the weekend. So register, prices start as low as $40. For the weekend, as soon as you can here: Keep in mind if you are a returning Wild Nights attendee and you bring in someone new that has never attended before then you get $5 off your admission. Bring as many new people can you can recruit as you use this to upgrade you admission all the way up to Super Sponsor for free.

Well there you go a quick idea of what to expect of attending Wild Nights April 26th to the 30th. We will be staying in the camp an extra day, all day and all night Monday for reloading and break down. Those who stay can expect some great perks for helping. No addition charge for the extra night either. Come join our Little Wild Nights, remember Furry is Magic and free of any Flesh eating creatures also.For more information there is our new mailing list: and also our forum