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About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

Our Guests


I was hatched from an egg in Amarillo, Texas. There I hoarded my first batch of things.

My hoarding lead me out to Alabama where I hoarded my mate, Xibalba, a pagoata, a dog, a cat, another cat, another dog, and a Kawasaki among other things. I attempted to hoard the space ship at space camp, but they wouldn't let me. Apparently a 40 foot dragon cannot fit into a space ship. It's okay though, because now I've hoarded Wild Nights and everyone here!

The summer of 2012 is when I decided to bust out of the cave and into the villages of the furry community, making my first fur suit. Since then I've enjoyed learning everything I can about making them, coming up with creative solutions to problems in suit making, as well as sharing what I know to others.

I love fursuiting in public; dancing, rawring, breathing fire, entertaining, and brightening the day of others. I try to stay active both inside and outside of the fandom, suiting not only at cons, but at various events such as Rocket City Pride where I emitted many rainbow colored flames, shook my tail, and made people happy. I love getting to interact with people and changing their perspective from one of confusion to one of understanding, and aiding in bringing together the rest of the world with ours.

When I'm not in the village, I enjoy creating artwork and drawing. I currently have a stick that I am being told I should use, but I'm tempted to eat it, or use it to roast marshmallows. Do you know how awesome it is to be your own heater and fire maker? It's awesome, I can cook a dozen marshmallows in a single sneeze....where was I.... right... artwork... I love art, and have enjoyed drawing on and off most of my life.

Thank you everyone for having me as your Guest of honor this year! I look forward to having a great time and sharing in a lot of fun adventure with you!


Furry Jesus

Ferret Jesus heralds from the South, but has traveled much of the states. He is a supplement for anxiety, and an uninhibitor for the inhibited. With his perpetually grinning cherub cheeks, jovial guffaw that can be heard from the basin of the camp to the cliff of Robber's Cave, and witty banter, he makes sure to get others around him laugh and talk with the same contagiousness of a yawn. He is a flow artist that can be seen spinning fire and lights by night and teaching others to do that same by day. Wild Nights was his first furry convention seven years ago with only one year missed since then. It has become his native obligatory convention in which he proselytizes to everyone so much that the founders' collective ears should be red hot everyday. It was an eye opening experience and has since changed his life for the better. He has since opened up his home and life to spread the joy to many others and founded a furmeet in Houston that has been running for over four years.

He keeps himself busy with professional IT work and learning new, interesting hobbies that he teaches to others with an ear willing to listen and learn. Current perks of interest have been solar panels, gardening, underwater landscapes, and new ways to recycle, and soon to be brewing, but has always had a love of the outdoors. His passion for the environment has always been strong since childhood and he tries his best to do what is good for it. He's always yearned to draw, but lacks the fullest capacity to do so, but makes up for it with writing.

Ferret Jesus loves to meet new people, so if you run across him, stop and strike a conversation.

True Blue

Thank you so much for having me as one of your Guests of Honor this year. I'm a fulltime freelance artist/animator/craftsperson working in Colorado, usa. It's very nice to meet you! I studied Drawing and 2D Animation at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design becoming a four-year graduate of my passions in Spring 2012! Although I've had a love for art and drawing since I could hold a crayon!

Some of my favorite media are watercolors, graphite, varied inks, digital painting, 2D Animation, knitting, crocheting, tatting, sewing, beading, and I'm learning new skills to enjoy each year! Life, nature, animals, magic, music, my family, and friends are big inspirations for me and help motivate me to do the very best I can with each project. My goal with each piece I create is to make someone happy~ In moments when someone tells me they love my work, it made them smile ( once even cry! ), or made their day, I feel how full my life is. I wouldn't be the artist I am today without the wonderful, supportive people I've met in my life, I'm so grateful! My work is very personally rewarding and I strive to constantly improve, both in my skills and customer service for my commissioners/clients experience.

Let's have a great Wild Nights 2017! Thanks so much again for having me!

My artwork can be found here! http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/atrueblueartist/


Past Years

You might be interested in our former Guests of Honor as well!