About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

Is the event date confirmed?

The date has been confirmed with the park, and our reservation is solid.

How do I register?

If you don't yet have an account, click the link on the Navbar to the left labelled register to go to the registration page and create an account for the webpage. Then sign in.

If you already have an account, go to the Register page, and select Event Reg.

Registration for Wild Nights 2016 is now open!

May I bring my pet?

The state park does permit pets within the group camp facility. Pets must be on a leash, and may not be unattended in any building at any time. Please be sure your pet is well-behaved and orderly.

Please clean up after your animal!. The fursuiters have asked that this be added, after some... incidents. Some things are hard to get out of fur.

May I bring alcohol?

Alcohol will be allowed at the group camp. Please drink responsibly! Naturally, anyone impaired by alcohol may not drive.

Where is the event located?

The event will be held at Group Camp 2 of Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma. More information, including maps, can be found on the Location page under 'About the Campsite'.

In brief, though, the park provides beds for up to 160 people, arranged into cabins that hold from 12 to 18 people. The beds are about four feet wide, so they would be a tight fit if people want to share a bed. They are are nearly all bunk beds. The camp has a full-service kitchen which will be used by our Head Chef to prepare the meals for the event, as well as basketball and softball fields.

What should I bring?

This is an outdoor event taking place in Oklahoma in mid-April. Statistically, the highs are in the mid-60's and the lows are around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. We would recommend bringing clothing that will ensure your comfort at both high and low temperature. April also sees a decent amount of rain, so we would recommend that you bring appropriate clothing such as a poncho in case this occurs. We would also recommend that you bring the following items:

  • Bedding. Sleeping bag or blankets and a pillow. The campsite provides bunks with mattresses, but no pillows or other bedding.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Flashlight.
  • Towels.
  • Toiletries. Colognes and perfumes tend to attract bugs, so be warned.
  • Camera. Note there is limited electrical power in the cabins.
  • Medicines and any other medical supplies. For anything that needs refrigeration, contact staff.
  • Poncho or raincoat in case of wet weather.
  • Satchel or other item to carry anything you need. This is an outdoor event, and there will be a good amount of walking.
  • Snacks. Prepared meals are included in your registration, and we are currently planning 6-8 of them through the course of the event, but you may want to bring something to munch on between meals. Concessions will also be available at the event but are not included with your registration.
  • Games, especially social-style games.
  • Art Supplies, if you're an artist. The Dining Hall usually ends up being an impromptu Artists' Alley, with tables and storage drawers.
  • Musical Instruments if you want to play along around the campfire or perform in the variety show.
  • Money. There will likely be no ATM nearby. Cash or checks will be accepted by the organization. For artists and the auction, though, cash on hand is a good way to do it.
What should I not bring?

You should leave these items at home:

  • Weapons. See the Rules page for more details on what counts as a weapon.
  • Electronics. Some electronics are okay, but with some exceptions, electrical outlets are not all that commonplace in the cabins. There will have to be some sharing of outlets between people who go to the con, so in general, keep your electronics to a minimum.
  • Computers. This isn't a hard and fast rule, and you may bring your computer if you wish. But you should note that we don't have much space for them, and electrical outlets may be at a premium. We also have no provision for camp-wide Internet access. Plus, we'd rather people were hanging out and being social, not playing on computers all weekend!
  • Illegal Drugs. We shouldn't have to even mention this! But this is a campout, and there will be multiple people sharing cabins. This means that there won't be a lot of private space. Further, the organization is renting the space, and thus we are responsible for there being any items of this nature at the site. It can result in immediate termination of the event. Please, please don't!
Is there an Artists' Alley?

Wild Nights does not currently have a formal Artists' Alley. The main Dining Hall has plenty of tables, though, and usually ends up being an informal meeting space, gaming area, and Artists who want to pull up a table. There are no table fees. Wild Nights does have a laminator and offers lamination at 50 cents per page as a concession item.

Is there a Dealer's Den?

We don't have the space, the staff, or the attendance right now to support a formal Dealer's Den. We've considered it, but so far there are no formal plans for this.

How can I Get There?

Right now, there are no public-transit options to get to the park. When interest grows, we may be able to rent a bus to provide transit to and from the Tulsa, OK area.

There are no major nearby airports to the location, and it is relatively inaccessible except by car. If you need to share a ride, check out the 'Ride Share' board in the Forums. If you can get to Kansas City, there are generally groups of car-pools leaving from that area.

Can I bring my own tent?

Yes, you may. Locations will be designated for pitching of tents, and there will be no additional charge over and above registration for the event for pitching one.

What other lodging options are there?

Lodging in one of the standardcabins is included in your registration. However, there are other options.

Tent. You can bring your own tent and set it up at the campsite.

Private Cabins. The park also has private cabins that can be rented. These each sleep four to six people and are available for small groups. Rental of these units should be arranged directly with the park. For more information, contact the park at (918465-2565.

Resort Lodge. The resort lodge is located at the park, but is not within walking distance. Please make reservations directly with the park.

How's the Cellphone Reception?

Very poor. We have yet to find any cellphone provider that has service. Plan on being out of touch.

Who stays in what cabins?

There are six cabins, each able to sleep anywhere from 12 to 32 people. Some of them have two 'sides' separated by a breezeway, while others are one large room. The cabins themselves are relatively open. One of the cabins is reserved as a fursuit lounge and GoH sleeping area, while another small one is reserved for Con Ops and Workshops. Right now, there is no assignment of people to cabins; people should be able to settle whereever they wish on a first-come first-served basis.

What are the restrooms like?

The restrooms are modern, with running water and full sewer service. There are two restrooms, located at each end of the campsite. Only one of them has shower facilities, however. Each of the two restroom buildings has both male and female restrooms.

Is there electricity?

There is electrical service to the group camp, and most if not all of the buildings should have plenty of service. However, there are a relatively small number of outlets, especially in some of the cabins. Priority for this will be given to any equipment needed for medical reasons (e.g. CPAP machines) by those occupying the place. Whenever possible, please leave electronic devices at home or charge them ahead of time.

Is this tax-deductible as charitable?

Because the organization running the event is a 501(c)7, your registration and anything you pay directly to the organization is not tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Anything you pay directly to our charity should be.

How can I help out?

Glad you asked! Right now, we have staff positions that are not yet filled. Check the MESA Forum for the latest on staff positions. If a staff position has been filled, though, the staff member may be looking for volunteers, or you can always E-mail the event director.