Park | Directions | What's Nearby

Park | Directions | What's Nearby

Park | Directions | What's Nearby

Park | Directions | What's Nearby

Park | Directions | What's Nearby

Park | Directions | What's Nearby

Park | Directions | What's Nearby

General Information

The campsite is located in the hills of Southeastern Oklahoma, in Robber's Cave State park. Its occupancy is up to 160 people, and provides a versatile venue for our event.

Indoor Event Space

The site has two main event buildings we can use.

The Dining Hall

The dining hall is where meals will be served. We plan to have between six and eight meals, plus a special gourmet meal for Sponsor and Supersponsor attendees. We will also hold some events here, including gaming events, when meals are not being served. This will also provide space for the Artist's Alley. It also serves as a central gathering place and social space for campers.

The Stage

The stage and attached seating is open to the air, but covered from the elements by a roof. It will be used for performance events, primarily, including concerts, the variety show, and the dances, as well as any event with an audience. It features a built-in stage and benches for seating.

Outdoor Event Space

In addition to these, the campsite also has several outdoor facilities for activities:

The Campfire Circle

What fun is camping out without a campfire? The fire pit is down the hill from the event, and provides a wide open space where people can bring chairs or simply pull up a log. It's far enough from the other events that people should be able to enjoy the evening without being bothered too much by noise. It's a central place to socialize, perfect for friendly chats and making s'mores. We plan to have the campfire going for the duration of the event, so it provides a great place to get together and chat, sing songs, or just hang out, anytime.

Firewood will be provided by the campsite. Please don't bring your own from home, due to concerns with ecological damage from foreign pests.

Basketball and Softball

The campsite has two play fields: one for basketball and one for softball. Nets and balls will be available, and always provide a welcome bit of fun. Plus, we plan to hold fursuiter versions of these events for those suiters brave enough to put their skills to the test!

Other Lodging Options

Your registration for Wild Nights includes a bunk in one of the cabins that are part of the group camp. However, the park offers several alternative lodging options for those interested in something more modern and private. Note that these are some distance away, probably outside of walking distance, so you will want to make sure you have transportation.

Please make rental arrangements for these directly with the park at (918) 465-2565

Private Cabins

The cabins are like small houses. Each contains a kitchen with an oven, a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee maker, along with basic eating and cooking utensils. Sheets and towels are provided. They have heat and A/C, alongwith a fireplace. A grill and picnic table is outside.

One-bedroom cabins sleep up to 4 people and cost $63.00/night for duplex cabins, $73.00/night for standalone cabins. There are also two honeymoon cabins at $98.00/night which are better furnished, a little more isolated, and have the best view.

Two-bedroom cabins sleep up to 6 people and rent for $88.00 or $98.00 per night. All prices are subject to change without notice, and are from the park. Prices do not include tax.

Belle Star Lodge

The resort lodge has 20 rooms. There is one room with a king-sized bed; the others have 2 full beds. Each room has satellite TV, phone, and coffee maker. Some cellular reception and broadband is available in some parts of the hotel. Rates are $83.00/night plus tax.

The lodge also has a full menu restaurant, and a small general store is also available at the park itself.

Park Map

Below is the map of the park as a whole. Areas of interest have been highlighted in green.

Group Camp #2

This is the primary site for Wild Nights, including lodging included with your registration. It is on the north side of the park, next to Robbers Cave, and on the right-hand side of the image.

Belle Star Lodge and Private Cabins

The Belle Star Lodge and the private cabins are located toward the south end of the park (left side of the image). These are approximately 1.5 miles away from the group camp, so make sure you have transportation arranged.

Nature Center

Located on the west side of the park (top of the image), the Nature Center hosts an interactive event involving animals, including feeding.